Middle School Team

The HMS Nordic Team in a Nut Shell - 7th & 8th Graders

HMS Nordic Pre-Season Action Items

HMS Nordic Season Dates

Required Ski Equipment for HMS Skiers

Middle school skiers practice and race using both cross-country skiing techniques; classic and skate skiing. For that reason, skiers need to be properly equipped for both techniques during the season. Ideally skiers have the following equipment and ALL items are labeled with the skier’s name

Note that there are two options for possible setups:

Option A: Two sets of skis AND poles

Option B: Combi Setup for both techniques

This is a good option for new skiers because they can be used for both skate and classic races

Compatible Boots for your chosen setup

NNN (preferred!) or SNS - please make sure your boots and binding system are compatible

 This website is very helpful in illustrating the difference if this is new to you. At this level, one pair of “Combi” boots is sufficient. However, you can opt to have a pair of boots for each technique. We just ask that they fit properly and are in good condition- your skier will be happy for this too!

Other Neccessities

Ski bag - to hold skis/poles - required for bus travel 

Ski ties - to hold skis in a pair 

Outerwear for the season - hats, gloves (that fit with the pole grips), and layers! 

**Waxing Equipment (optional) - if you or your child have an interest in learning how to glide wax skis there are likely to be ample opportunities this winter! Stay tuned…