Alpine Records

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Yarmouth Ski Hall of Fame - Conceived by Coach Morse. This award is given to graduating seniors who placed in the top 6 in the State Championships in any discipline and in any year of their career as a Yarmouth High School Alpine Ski Racer.

2023 - Killian Marsh and Samantha Beaudoin

2022 - Hannah Moore and Asher Lockwood

2021 - Eleanor Donahue and Thomas Morris

Most Valuable Skiers - This award is presented to the male and female racers who had the most successful results on the team during the season.

2023 - Brooke Boone and Killian Marsh

2022 - Brooke Boone and Asher Lockwood

2021 - Brooke Boone and Killian Marsh

2020 - Eleanor Donahue and Killian Marsh

2016 - Greta Elder and Jack Diggins

Bob Morse Scholarship Award - This scholarship and award is presented to Seniors during the annual Senior Awards. This scholarship was established to recognize outstanding male and female skiers from the Yarmouth Ski Teams. The scholarship and award is in honor of Mr. Morse who was a math and science teacher in the Yarmouth School system for 47 years. He coached skiing, cross-country running, and outdoor track at Yarmouth High School and continues to help coach nordic skiing. The award recipients must  have displayed outstanding character, leadership and athleticism.

2023 - Sara Wentzell and Killian Marsh

2022 - Hannah Moore

2020 - Tasha Powers

2019 - Alex Hall

2018 - Greta Elder

Blue Ski Award - This award was created by Coach Morse in recognition of Greg Leonard's service to the Ski Club as a coach and parent of three racers in the program. Coach Leonard, his wife Sue and his children (Brad, Emily and Peter) were deeply committed to the team and the efforts of the Ski Club, including work with the Clamfest, the Ski Swap, and coaching both the HMS middle school team and the high school team.  This award  is presented to the male and female racers who embody and exemplify the philosophy of Yarmouth Alpine Ski Racing.  Recipients are athletes that are deeply passionate about ski racing, are individually driven and accomplished racers who also work tirelessly in support of the entire team. Racers who are awarded the Blue Ski Award perform at a consistently high level during the season, have a high degree of perseverance and tenacity, are constantly working with coaches and other racers to improve the success and enjoyment of the sport for the benefit of all Yarmouth racers. Recipients exhibit personal dedication, achievement, grit, team spirit, support, leadership and academic achievement. 

2023 -  Sara Wentzell and Tyler Moore

2022 - Hannah Moore and Killian Marsh

2021 - None given due to Covid

2016- George Jutrus and Hannah VanAlstine

Coaches Award - This award is presented to the male and female racers who the coaches believe are strong leaders and have contributed significantly to the team's performance. The recipient will have demonstrated considerable sportsmen/women-ship, desire to compete, and a spirit that embodies the ethos of Yarmouth ski racing.

2023 -  Annie Polstein and Mathieu Charrette

2022 - Samantha Beaudoin and Tyler Moore

2021 - None given due to Covid

2016 - Parker Swanson and Josh Harlow

Rookie Award - This award is presented to the male and female racers who are participants in their first year on the team and had the most successful results amongst first year racers on the team during the season.

2022 - Henry Weiss and Camden Billings

2022 - Mathieu Charrette and Madeleine Jones

2021 - None given due to Covid

2020 - Killian Marsh and Samantha Beaudoin

2016 - Alex Hall and Emily Glass

Western Maine Conference All Stars

2023 - Brooke Boone, Killian Marsh, Tyler Moore and Mathieu Charrette

2022 - Hannah Moore, Brooke Boone, Samantha Beaudoin, Madeleine Jones, Asher Lockwood, Killian Marsh, Tyler Moore

2021 - Brooke Boone, Madison Williams, Asher Lockwood, Killian Marsh

2020 - Eleanor Donahue, Tasha Powers, Hannah Moore, Killian Marsh

Western Maine Conference Academic All Stars

2023 - Killian Marsh and Sara Wentzell

2022 - Asher Lockwood 

2021 - Eleanor Donahue, George Ruth

2019 - Isabel Brennan, Justin Pietropaoli, Abigail Thornton and Grady Welsh

Portland Press Herald Varsity Maine All State Team Selections

2023 - Killian Marsh and Brooke Boone

2022 - Brooke Boone

2020 - Eleanor Donahue